Birthday Party Top Tips

Numbers: We guarantee that every child gets to have their own turn with at least one animal (if they like). We recommend keeping the guest list between 10 and 15 children. That way everyone will get to have multiple turns! 


Please note that this is not a 'Rule' for our parties, just a recommendation

Balloons: For us humans, balloons and parties go together like cake and candles! For some of our animals, balloons can be very scary when they pop or when they are being waved around. 

Food: Michael will remind everyone on multiple occasions to wash their hands throughout the party, but just to be safe, food should be kept as far away from the animals as possible and younger children especially should be encouraged to wash their hands with soap before settling to eat.

Music:  Keep music low.  It seems like common sense when animals are involved but it does happen.  Many of our animals simply cannot make an appearance if it is too noisy.


Still have some questions? No problem! Just message us, we'll be happy to help.