The Crested Gecko was thought to have been extinct until it was found again in 1994 in New Caledonia,  it is only found in the southern part of the island and some surrounding small islands.  They are a medium sized gecko that can grow to about 6 inches.  Like alot of species of gecko, the Crested does not have any eyelids and can keep them clean my licking them.  They have special pads on their feet that make them excellent climbers.  Contrary to popular belief these pads are not suckers but are actually covered in tiny hair like substances that allow them to climb even up glass.  if the gecko feels threatened they have the abilty to leap from one tree to another, if caught they can break there tail away from their bodies, the tail will keep wriggling for a few minutes afterwards and acts as a distraction to the predator while the gecko makes an escape.  Unlike other geckos however they cannot re-grow their tail, this doesn't really affect them too much and in the wild most adults will not have a tail.

Crested Gecko

Correlophus ciliatus