Resembling our hedgehogs, the lesser tenrec is a small mammal from the island of Madagascar.  When threatened it curls up into a ball and relies on its sharp spines, which are actually modified hairs, to deter predators.  Unlike a porcupine which can leave its spines in an attacker, the tenrec's spines are attached to their bodies.  They will predate on invertebrates, small reptiles, and small mammals and basically any animal that is small enough for them to overpower.  They are not classed as an endangered species; however as is often the case in this day and age, humans are a threat to them whether it be through severe habitat destruction, hunting for food or being caught for the pet trade.

STRANGE BUT TRUE: Despite looking like a hedgehog the tenrec actually shares a common ancestor with the elephant!

Greater Tenrec

 Setifer setosus